We design and prepare complete building projects of individual architectural structures including the urbanistic plan, in collaboration with our friendly engineers from Partner Plan. The thing that makes our offer special is our commitment to interiors, because we believe that the outside and internal architecture must be consistent.
We certainly guarantee that our plans comply with Polish construction law and standards and we monitor all of the procedures to assure a full satisfaction of our client. The building projects we prepare include all of branch designs that are required for a complete object, such as electric, wa-
ter, sewerage, and so on.
Together with Partner Plan, which is actually an official representative of all major house plan pro-
viders in Poland, we offer over 4000 ready projects of houses which are non individual but af-
fordable and often fitting to your needs. Once you select your favourite design, we offer the ser-
vice of individual adaptation to the local conditions and take care about the legal procedures to obtain an official permission for construction.
On the other hand, it's good to remember that the cost of design is only a tiny part of total ex-
penses related to the construction. Your house is built to stay for generations. Why not consider an individual project perfectly suited to your needs and taste?
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